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As the Internet has grown in popularity, so too has online marketing. Online marketing, also known as Internet or digital marketing, involves using the Internet to promote your business. The goal of online marketing is to spread awareness about your business and its products or services via the Internet. Internet marketing encompasses a variety of different strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, SMS marketing and both social media and content marketing. The majority of businesses today use at least one of these strategies to promote themselves. We offer various kinds of marketing services:

E-Mail Marketing

Looking for Bulk Leads for your real estate business? iPM is here to provide you high amount leads with dominant email marketing solutions which is fully customized solution for sending personalized mails or bulk mail to your target market. Generating leads always been a tough way but now it’s easy to generate quality leads and help you to capture the global market in one go. If you are selling any services than you don’t have to worry now with our email marketing solutions.

E-Mail Templates

Select your email template as per your requirement. There are thousands of beautiful and theme related templates to solve your purpose.

Advanced HTML Editing

Advanced HTML editor will give you an interface to make the changes in font and styles.

Email Personalization

Personalize your email with two clicks using custom fields such as first name, age or company name.

SMS Marketing

In the real estate business, communication is critical. Every successful sale begins with a single point of contact. Ask yourself: how many ways can house-seekers contact you? If you’re like most clients, probably only by a phone call or email. SMS marketing gives you a new and invaluable channel, allowing more prospective buyers to contact you, and allowing you to make more sales. The more contacts, the more sales, the more profit you take home.

Why SMS Marketing?
That’s how it works. But why does it work? Here’s 3 reasons.
  • It’s easy: It only takes a few seconds to send a text, many people will do it on an impulse. What they get in response is a wealth of information on the property, easily accessible at any moment on their phone.
  • It’s mobile: There’s mounting testimony that mobile is the big thing . Mobile-friendly websites are great, but can be complicated to configure and will only reach the 50% of Indians who own smart phones. Texts are accessible on nearly every cell phone and are simple to set up.
  • It delivers excellent leads: You’ll receive the contact information of individuals extremely interested in buying or renting your property. Even if they don’t close on that property, there’s ample opportunity to direct them to your other listings.
  • Social Medai Marketing

    Social media marketing has become a featured component of online marketing campaign, and businesses are using SMM services to promote their business. By doing SMM in right way, they can attract millions of online users to their web site. The main goal of SMM is to get the focused online users or people and convert them into customers. It is now became a mandatory part of web promotion and advertising of products and services or events in the global network. For running a prosperous advertising campaign for business, products or services for attracting thousands of visitors to a website, everyone requires best social media marketing services. 7i systems pvt. Ltd. can develop an dominant SMM strategy to improve your company’s brand consciousness, Drive good traffic and conversions rates to your website, Increase your site visibility among social networking sites including Face book, Twitter, Google+ etc, and engage your property with the target audiences. With SMM process, we make your content shareable across the social websites and communities to create viral publicity. With the SMM services our main goal is to provide Brand reputation management and defending your brand image in smarter way.

    Facebook Marketing
    • Fan Page Creation
    • Cover Image & Profile Picture
    • Insights/Analytics Reports
    • Landing Tab
    • Run Facebook Contest
    • Custom Landing Tab
    • Facebook Ads Management
    • Increase Facebook likes
    • Facebook Content writing
    • Facebook advertisement

    Search Engine Marketing

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the work being done to improve the appearance of a website in the unpaid search rankings in major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.). When your website is indexed by a major search engine, it is then listed in search engines when users search for terms relating to your website.

    Search engines will rank the websites by the relevance of the search phrase based on a large number of factors. Generally, small companies do not have the big marketing budget, but it does not mean that they cannot start SEM services. We provide low-cost small business SEM solutions or complete packages to small business owners with a powerful SEM foundation to get them started. Our SEM service prices vary and based on the competitiveness in your trading sector, keyword popularity and the number of keywords you want to optimize.

    Our affordable SEM Plans include:
    • Detailed research and analysis of your business
    • Tailored internet marketing strategy
    • New keyword phrases to target
    • Blog and content creation strategy
    • Increase your web presence by targeting the right audience
    • Link building
    • Content strategy to increase online market share
    • Analyze Internet marketing campaigns